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Alphabetical list of poems in English on HearSay   #14: Asylret (multilingual) #18 Freshly Ironed a stranger Butterflies are not contagious Clothes and shoes cocoon Deeper up Denmark for President Des erreurs ont été commises don’t translate everything do YOU like eggs? drive EGGS For the carpenter hedge fence divide Hygge In All the Countries […]

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do YOU like eggs?

No, it begins long before that, a cell dividing, a ligament, a muscle, an organ, a synapse, a coordinated movement,

No, it begins with an idea, an impulse, see the world, see that world, see this world meeting that world, go to where they meet, become wise, or more ignorant, which ever best suits the situation, but make plans, execute plans, travel while doing it,

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In All the Countries in the World


All over the world Peruvian refugees have caused a food revolution, in which dishes like ceviche and aji de galina have become the new favorite dishes of food critics and star chefs alike

In Athens refugees arriving from all over Greece march in protest of assaults on non-nationals

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Welcome on Board

I traveled on an American Airlines flight to Honolulu, Hawaii and back and was booked in a middle seat, on this completely full flight.

41 people in mini bus, children. 3 hours, closed door, no window, no oxygen.

I am over six feet tall and weigh 220 pounds, and was forced to raise the aisle arm rest and scrunch down into a VERY uncomfortable position, with my left hip and left arm protruding into the aisle!

$1000 from Izmir to Greece

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