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Viral Spit

People walking on the freeway
with bundles, children and smartphones
no Wi-Fi on the freeway no power sockets

on the freeway
people walking through mountains
carrying their most precious
everything else gone

walking people boarding boats
many of them get to the other side
people walking through sand to the coast
people walking their dogs
people go down in any war, any armed conflict
people walking because those who offered them a ride
could be charged with human smuggling
people go under and underground while waiting
walking people waiting for answers
walking people killing time constructing
walking people learning English while waiting
walking people preparing
walking people dreaming and hoping
people walking scared
people walking while time passes not to go numb
not to go to pieces
walking 10.000 steps a day is healthy
walking people crossing borders

if we can


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Comments (2) on "Viral Spit"

  1. forslag m forklaringer

    no power sockets [evt. electrical outlets]

    on the freeway

    ten thousand steps a day is good for your health [mere sarkastisk]

    1. “no power sockets [evt. electrical outlets]” Hvorfor?

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