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do YOU like eggs?

No, it begins long before that, a cell dividing, a ligament, a muscle, an organ, a synapse, a coordinated movement,

No, it begins with an idea, an impulse, see the world, see that world, see this world meeting that world, go to where they meet, become wise, or more ignorant, which ever best suits the situation, but make plans, execute plans, travel while doing it,

No, it begins at the gate – hey you, where’s your badge? You cannot enter into a refugee camp without proper permission,

No, it begins on the beach, someone died, not me, not one of mine, several died, I cannot make myself remember anyone from the boat, but I’m here,

No, it begins in the boat, its the middle of the night or early morning, hard to tell, the boat is rocking, the waves are… high,

No, it begins after the long drive, the long walk, on the beach, the smugglers feeling you up, feeling your daughter up, the boats look like something glued together from parts made in China. And it’s exactly what it is,

No, it begins on the walk from home towards safety, no, it begins at home as the bombs drop, growing ever closer, as rumours of gas attack begin to circulate, no, it begins when the militia breaks down your door, telling you to pack, you have five minutes, and they will level the house,

No, it begins somewhere else, far away, there’s a man having his boiled egg served, and contrary to expectations it is hard boiled, so his day is off by a fraction, should he have been more flexible at the trade negotiations? no, it won’t matter much,

No, it begins with a birth, the child is alive, it falls under the protection of humanity, it’s one of ours, no, it begins as my father is born, my father is the head of the family, no, it doesn’t begin, it really doesn’t begin,

No no no, of course it begins, everything has a beginning, even the chicken egg was something else once, a cell that hardened, an evolutionary niche that made sense and kept on reproducing itself, I like eggs. I really like eggs! Do you like eggs?



Comments (2) on "do YOU like eggs?"

  1. Don Schofield siger:

    The infinite regression of cause, so much pain and suffering and uprootedness, all because we like eggs. Your poem show’s it all so well.

    1. Hi Don!

      I am happy that YOU like some of these poems, the serious poet that you are, plus you are part of it all. Very! happy to hear from you <3


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