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For the carpenter

When did you arrive?


Will you soon be leaving again?

Why didn’t you come to me first?

We arrived a little while ago; we got to talking with someone


We did not understand your need.

We actually did Not understand your need

  • that we should seek you out and confirm our first meeting.

How are you doing?


I see that you feel really bad –

your eyes,

your attitude –

everything shows you feel bad!

Okay, okay


I’m exactly as miserable

as you can imagine.

Exactly as happy.

I’m being abandoned all days.

Everyone are being shipped on,

while I stay.

Everyone, I get to know,

are being shipped on…

Everyone I know feel bad.

Every attempt of becoming part of a family –

all ending in departure.

I brought you a phone. Would you like it?


I know it’s not a smartphone, but maybe

you can use it for something

maybe you can trade it, I know

it is not new, but it’s a Sony.

It is Okay.

Ah, is that for me?!


You thought of me, you are giving me something, because you thought of me!?

I brought it with that purpose


I brought my old phone, because…

Maybe it could help someone,

I hope it can help you

You are the one I want to give it to.

I am the only one here from Pakistan


There is no one else but me here

from my country.

I am the representative of Pakistan here.

If you want to know something about Pakistan, then

I am the only one here from Pakistan.

I am alone.



I don’t know what to say.

It’s too big to react to.

I don’t understand what it means

to be a stranger among strangers –

and not being able to travel.

My hand lightly on your shoulder


I sense you, I feel you, I’m with you.

We’re leaving now


We must go on –

our job, our task, our lives

This moment is bigger than you.

We have to leave you.

Your… gaze, your tired, lightless eyes today

We did not manage to become your family

be here long enough for you

NOT to feel abandoned.

This poem isn’t anything really


You are Not forgotten,

you Can be remembered, you Can touch…

simply by your person.

You exist in the world for others

and your self,

you are with us, and that is

not enough.

We know.

Impromptu translated poem about meeting a young carpenter in a refugee camp, who was the sole representative of his culture there.

[dansk version]

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