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Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times

the house has been abandoned

the way it was and the furniture and the leftover food

is no home. transit. me unyielding and sweltering

the shutters don’t get opened anymore

threatening letters are still tumbling

in through the letter flap

but nobody reads them

you should always help yourself

before helping somebody else

you must leave the letters alone

and remain seated and when you are surrounded

by fire you must calmly put on your life jacket

we can’t possibly know anyway

who is going to die while you are offline

who is going to delete their profile on purpose

and leave the house full of knickknacks and dirty dishes

one single hanger for something to hang

and even though it is even more terrifying

than an emergency landing in Siberia

I tend to believe

that they fall in love with each other at the very end

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