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Metal Fatigue

What’s the point

What use are you anyway

with your idiotic wrath

crushing everything carefully built over time

as well as the carelessly placed

home the school the library the shoemaker

the military base the kindergarten

the embassy the wind turbine

the swimming pool, the city hall the hairdresser the street food stall

and now what? What did you gain, War

did you get what you were after

you take the synagogue, the church, the mosque and the space station

crush them and throw up the debris, War, your breath is a constant reek

nobody really wants you here, frankly, you intruder

between siblings, between lovers, between teachers and students

keep your drones to yourself , you and your appalling chambers

your engine, War, your rhythm, your irregular booming

do you have metal fatigue are you rusty are you after something

go take a course in nonviolent communication, War

or turn off the power

and let’s shut up together


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