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You have it

Your immediate joy
your I-want-to-learn-something-new •enthusiasm
a body that seems lighter from the inside
than it looks
from the outside hands
in incessant movement refuse
to linger on all of that shit
the past the waiting time all
things that suck
because everything can spark
laughter when you WANT
your hand on your friend’s shoulder
we are here for each other the hand says

when you have the rhythm
and words come flowing spontaneously
the hand on your heart
and you nailed it
with eyes welling up
because you still allow yourself to be touched
by the poetry by the rhythm

letting the pause fill out the room
before you’re off and out into the sunlight


Danish version


-Flash portrait of Victor – participant in the writing workshop for male refugees in the Mosaik Support Center for Refugees on Lesvos

dansk version

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