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2021 [the man in the dust]


they are placing a large pot onto three broken bricks

a veiled women is lighting a fire under the pot with small twigs

the veiled woman is pouring oil from a canister into the pot

the veiled woman is placing a stick into the oil

the veiled woman keeps standing over the stick until the oil is frothing

they are forcing a man to his knees

            eyes covered not hands bound not

they are tying the fingers of one of the man’s hands with a scarf

they are forcing the man’s arm through the noose of a loosely braided rope

they are kicking the man’s back


they are pulling the man backwards

            pulling the rope

they are pulling the man forwards

            pulling the scarf


they are un•wrapping a saber


            from a sack on the ground

            in the sun a glimmer

they are pulling forwards backwards

            the man’s wrist over the chopping block

they are raising the saber chopping at the man’s arm

            the hand is hanging by the bone

they are digging their heals in

            pulling the man’s wrist back over the block

they are chopping again

            sudden steps backwards with man with hand

they are letting the man fall backwards into the dust

            blood is spraying

they are dangling the scarf with the hand over the oil

            down up down up

they are un•tying the scarf

            throwing the hand into the oil

the hand curls


            oil is frothing

they are wiping the saber with care

            wrapping the saber in the sack

they are leaving the man in the dust


the man is in the dust under the canopy roof

the man in the dust


[dansk version]


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