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Slowing down we stroll don’t run
let’s google each other side by side by side

you in your little house me in my apartment
me in my container you in your shelter
corona-silent street lamps switch off one by one
we have coffee, cat on feet
nobody escapes from here
nor to our closed borders duck-tape
covers every crack sanitize fingers and everything they touch
it is so peaceful
in a shut down country turn off the underfloor heating before I go
jump the very last train out of the city
is it peace when no children’s laughter reverberates when cafés quietly
keep the machines off when no bombs disturb
when the pandemic menaces us
away from festivals, facials, flights

a box of peace with nothing inside
a box of peace to dash your nose in
until thoughts go white
why own more than one single knife
is peacefully soundless
and a camp with 1500 tents
for 12.000 adults and 8000 kids
is never peaceful enough to complete the thought
of war between people
and virus


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