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Deeper up


imagine you want to cross the border

and deeper into and up

into Europe

the nearest black line on the map is 50 km away

as birds fly

from the camp you are staying in

a human walks 5 km per hour

on a straight path

on a full stomach sleep and water

so you must walk at least 10 hours

but in addition avoid being seen on the roads

you must cross the open landscape

where land owners are less concerned with the law

which is why you must choose to avoid the roads

actively choose to avoid being shot in the landscape

and when you arrive you must be clear-headed

to attempt crossing over

you should not have to worry

how will it go how will it go

you have to coach yourself all the way

narrow focus on an act you cannot

prepare yourself for

to achieve the goal you envision

for you can not go back

can not voluntarily return to the camp you left

from which you will not willingly be returned

to the circumstances you departed

there is only forward

imagine what you will do

when superior forces stop you

then you stop

when superior forces look to the side

you run

or run in droves with others in the hope that

some will get across


and if you do not get across

you simply imagine doing it again

imagine there is nothing but that

because there is

nothing but that





Comments (2) on "Deeper up"

  1. Kenneth Krabat siger:

    Link til den danske tekst og læsningen indført

  2. Don Schofield siger:

    When I read this poem, I’m with you in your flight, fear and acceptance of the barest of facts. “Superior forces…because there is nothing but that.” That says it all.

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