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hedge fence divide

Work is identity
work is status 

when nothing changes we don’t fall apart
we will not lose our job
we will not lose the face we show the world everything is good

they take over our produce shops, newsstands, pizzerias 

trim the hedge every time a bristly twig is out of place work
is satisfying look I have accomplished something today oh how leisurely
I deserve the whole lot now by the screen dessert a drink or two yeah that’s the shit

they take our cleaning jobs  
they pick apples and peas
they drive our cabs

fortunately rules exist and labor supervision square meters counted and guidelines for 11 straight hours in one go
additionally credit transfer and the eye of a needle and the ear of a needle and insurance when nothing changes things get
worse nor better
smaller nor larger nor drier
or wetter to stick your fingers into the jam jar screw the lid on tightly watch
the finger wiggle on the inside because it is so eager to have some function
to work is what everyone wants work
is the only valid reason to ever
get out of bed before noon


they train to become caretakers of the elderly and doctors they interlink the country with bridges


and where are we supposed to work now outdoors indoors all year round perpetually saying so what do you do to each other what is your job who are you who are you what
do you accom•plish which hedge do you keep trim and free from parasites and crazy




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