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The difference between No-man’s land here and
the landscape before is not

in No-man’s land there is a casino

you can take out euros in an ATM
and spend them on duty-free goods

the horizon unvarying
belongs to no one
who has the right to sell?

bus passengers take
a15-minute break
in No-man’s land

can we get married
in No-man’s land
can we get divorced?

can I die
and get buried
in no-man’s land?

how long does it take to walk
from border to border?

carrying on your back
everything that belongs to you
through no-man’s land
functional No-man’s land
not barbed wired blocked
like the area DDR and BRD
with treaties and paralyzed
by landmines

the responsibility however the same
two sides one middle in the middle
you can refuel shop duty-free expensive
Toblerone cigarettes vodka

everything more expensive here than where
we just were
an airport a ferry a border supermarket
on a cruise line the difference is like the landscape

who decided
that the currency in No-man’s land
is the euro?

That the trees should be cut down
for a parking lot?
two years ago
the border was open was nothing noticeable
(more or less nothingness here?)
before it was marked by
double passport control

Birds lived in No-man’s land
didn’t they?
Birds really flew?
Birds flew over the landscape
but did they land?

15 minutes pass rask
in No-man’s land
why not just live here?
spend the night like at an ice-hotel or a space station
exclusive exclusive T-shirt for sale I Was No•Where
watch the others getting forced through
chill on the balcony with a blue cocktail
surveil the deportation
feel the depression

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