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Welcome on Board

I traveled on an American Airlines flight to Honolulu, Hawaii and back and was booked in a middle seat, on this completely full flight.

41 people in mini bus, children. 3 hours, closed door, no window, no oxygen.

I am over six feet tall and weigh 220 pounds, and was forced to raise the aisle arm rest and scrunch down into a VERY uncomfortable position, with my left hip and left arm protruding into the aisle!

$1000 from Izmir to Greece

I purchased a whole seat, but only got half a seat (not to mention the physical strain and discomfort I endured for seven plus hours).

3 days in camp, 4th day came minibus took us to the border. Bus was without windows. On the border we were waiting 3 h. they said us when to start crossing border, then going through forest about 5h by foot.

To make the journey more memorable…they spilled hot coffee on me.

I was working on an important presentation when the ‘accident’ happened. There was hot coffee all over me and my laptop. It was not just a few drops. The open flask overturned. Instantly, I checked for my daughter’s well-being and proceeded to clean the laptop.

In August Ali was born in Greece. We had to pay more than 3000€ for baby birth.

Boarding was chaotic, cramped and priority passengers couldn’t get through in time, but little did they know that they were actually lucky to be standing in fresh air a bit longer.

Some people didn’t destroy the boat in Samos Island, police caught them, put back in the boat and sent to the open sea, without water. Between Greece and Turkey left them in the middle of the sea to die.

As you might have noticed, we are circling above Berlin in quite a low height. We noticed some technical issues and are now in contact to ground to decide how to proceed. The landing gear failed to retract. We will now continue to circle until a decision is made.

Called friend in Athens where money was deposited to pay to smugglers.

We sat on the plane for 5 hours and by this time everyone was at the verge of losing it when the pilot finally announced the flight was cancelled and we should pick up our luggage and rebook our flights.

3 people: Syrian, Tunisian, myself with no connection to Macedonian border. Usually Syrians have to pay 1500€ to get to Macedonia.   

After this 48 hour ordeal we finally reached our home midnight. It took another full month for our damaged luggage to reach us one after the other.

50 people in the small very bad boat, after 1 hour you stop to be afraid there is life and death no choice, price is 1000€ to get to Samos Island.

It took an hour and half to get on the ground at LA. For that hour and a half I was completely focused on the sounds and sensations of the aircraft, listening intently and willing the continued straight and level performance of my airplane. I don’t even remember the passage of time.

Too much mafia in Macedonia. Mafia take our money and mobile phones. 200 people were in our group so Mafia didn’t attack us. 1 day stay in village, if see mafia, run to mosque to hide.

I never flew British Airways again.

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