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Like nothing special
is what it feels like
being at work there in the parking lot in Thessaloniki
observing the mobile doctors scrape out dead tissue
leaving gaping holes dapping iodine
onto frost-bitten toes of refugees attending
in large groups waiting in the puddles while I
wonder if maybe this one was wading through water
during heavy frost no rest to change his socks
thoughts drifting
how do you bring
a change of socks during
an attempted crossing of the border
how do they keep socks dry with any certainty
and if by any count it really is worth it
bringing them along ‘cuz
on the other side
all will be well

but now they are here
with the doctors in the car park
those  ones there are old injuries
tissue never given a chance to heal
next stop the local hospital and amputation
and who did he lose on the way
during his unsuccessful attempt to cross
was he beaten by border police was he humiliated
did he let down himself
in the attempt did a brother or sister get across
but not he is he
alone here
now willing to do anything to not
remain here alone will they attempt again tomorrow
on toes about to fall off
gangrene costing them
feet legs life all will improve in summer
so say they all
all will be better in summer
more guards on the border during summer
more dogs
more beatings
better do it now

all of it is laying eggs in me
I can travel I can leave it behind
I can come back work some more
leave it
leave it again
but its laying eggs inside of me
I don’t know how they will hatch
what will emerge from those eggs
when it happens


[EGGS, 2018 audio]

senere version

dansk version


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  1. der mangler indtaling og link til dansk version

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