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In All the Countries in the World


All over the world Peruvian refugees have caused a food revolution, in which dishes like ceviche and aji de galina have become the new favorite dishes of food critics and star chefs alike

In Athens refugees arriving from all over Greece march in protest of assaults on non-nationals

In Bangladesh 800.000 muslim/hindu Rohingaas have fled buddhist Myanmar following a wave of pre-meditated killings, by observers regarded as ethinic cleansing

In Bangladesh the monsoon floods refugee camps, polluting the drinking water of 800.000 refugees and destroying their firewood

In Belarussia, as the last country in Europe still employing the death penalty, the day of execution is kept secred to those sentenced to death as well as their relatives, which is considered (further) psychological torture

In Berlin Kansler Angela Merkel closes her “Open Door” politics towards refugees

In Bosnia security minister Dragan Mektic says, as a reaction to new, tighter Serbian rules of migration: “We have to stop pushing the problem into the neighbour’s garden”.

In Bulgaria Romas are consistantly expropriated on the premise of their houses needing to be torn down, and as stateless they receive no compensation or referral to other accomodation

In Calais 1000 insane refugees clad in skisuits live under the open sky and the bludgeons of the police

In Chech Republic President Miloš Zeman repeats over and over: “Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims”

In Chech Republic the government joins the circle “Refugees Welcome” – nationally with the purpose of creating a feeling of community between Czechs and the rising number of Ukranian refugees

In China, where women are a minority, female refugees from North Korea are kept in forced marriages and as free labour on the treath of otherwise being returned to certain death

In Columbia, where 1 million refugees from Venezuela recide, presidente Ivan Duque maintains his “Open Arms Position” with the words: “We wish to normalise immigration”

In Croatia’s forests quite close to the border 100 refugees un-prepared for winter are stuck in the snow, uable to move neither back nor foreward

In Denmark residential areas of mixed etnicitiy are named “ghettos” to enable legal eviction and demolition

In Denmark the government refuses to translate the text for the UN migration agreement into Danish, upon which the ultra national Danish People’s Party translates it with visible preferences as a result

In Denmark the minister of integration Inger Støjberg betrays Denmarks commitment to the refugee quota agreement with the words “Denmark needs a break”, while all other committed countries receive the agreed number of refugees

In Denmark up to 125 un-deportable, rejected asylum seekers and migrants having served prison sentences, are to be housed on the island of Lindholm and their free access to and fro the island and their stay there “made difficult”

In EU Hungary is being sued by the whole union for criminalising activities that help asylum seekers

In Finland Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkánen suggests Europa raises the number of quota refugees to one quarter million pr. year, which should then be distributed equally – “it will counteract the tendency to close borders, which is inhibiting free mobility inside of EU”

In France Macron promises “no homeless people before christmas, but the 6th of december the police is still beating people living on the street

In France police are driving refugees over the border to Sestriere in Italy to abandon them there in the forests

In Germany the Wonderbox is invented, an indestructible heat retention container, which reduces the need of firewood for cooking by 80% and as a direct result the number of attacks on refugee women and children gathering wood in tribal land

In Glasgow, Scotland, the police is reducing the number of murders caused by poverty, alchohol abuse and inequality by 60% by treating violence as a health problem

In Hungary a newly suggested law will make possible the incarceration of lawyers, who inform refugees of their rights

In Island there is agreement to receive 75 refugees out of approximately 1 million from a Libanese camp

In Latvia a border fence is being build to protect Europe against refugees from the Russian side – the first major damage to the fence is caused by a bear trying to get into Russia

In Lesvos in Greece the Danish founder of “Team Humanity”, Salam Aldeen, is keeping up the spirits of thousands of children in the over-crowded, bleak refugee camp of Moria

In Libya coastguards are shooting at refugees entering international waters going towards Europe

In Lithuania or Rumaenia, it has yet to be determined, refugees sentenced in Denmark, as well as un-deportable asylum seekers, are to serve their sentences under tougher conditions than is legally possible in Denmark

In Moldova an estimated 22.000 humans are living in slavery, for the most part as victims of trafficking

In Mytilini on Lesvos civilian clad soldiers are filling the local hotels in preparation of returning the boat refugees, or just in case President Erdogan of Turkey should open the gates of the Tyrkish refugee camps containing 3 million refugees

In Nauru, an island far from the coast of Australia, where 600 refugees are kept isolated from the world around by agreement with Australian government, suicide attempts among refugee children down to the age of 6 are quite common.

In No-Mans-Land between Syria and Jordan a group of 45.000 refugees cannot move in any direction

In Peru many of the poorest people today are descendants of or among the 500.000  displaced from rural areas as a result of the war on the governmet in the 80s by terror group Sendero Luminosa, all of them without hope of ever reclaiming their land.

In Poland nazis are marching again, now that all grandparents are dead and everything is forgotten

In Portugal – as the only country in Europe – the number of received refugees is voluntarily raised every year.

In Rome people take to the streets to demonstrate tightenings of the migration laws, inspired by le Gilets Jaunes, the Yellow Vests, in France

In Samos city, Greece, on hill side land surrounding the official refugee camp, purchased with donation money to ease the pressure on the camp, refugees are unable to rid themselves of scabies, lice and bedbugs

In Sednay, a military prison of Syria, the government is systematically executing political prisoners from all over Syria, so far between 10 and 20.000

In Serbia the free rights to visa for Iranians is dropped, which results in new escape routes through the Balcans

In Sofia the liberal strategist Ivan Krastev is comparing the flood of refugees to 9/11

In Spain more boat refugees now arrive than to any other European country

In Sudan 200.000 refugees from South Sudan dare not speak to the world refugee organisation UNHCR for fear that its employees are on the take of local authorities, and because of the lack of witness protection

In Thessaloniki, Greece, homeless refugees are scratching themselves raw because of scabies, every days saying that Tonight they will escape to the North

In Tripoli 7000 refugees are kept in a locked detention center with up to 5 days between meals, and up to 8 months before being registered to even begin their asylum procedures

In Turkey on the South-west Cesmealtu coast 3 families are fully occupied with hand gluing rubber boats from parts imported from China, meant for sale for the smuggling of refugees across the sea to Lesbos, Samos and Chios

In Ukraine around 2000 people, who have vanished without a trace, and individuals, who are suddenly un-contactable, are now presumed executed by militsia groups or incarcerated undergoing torture

In USA children of asylum seekers are taken from their parents and placed in cages, and no track is kept on which children belong with which adults.

In Venezuela 7% of the population, roughly 3 million people, have fled the largest economic and social crisis in the history of South America

In Washington the organisation WorldVision is encouraging resolution of the refugee problems of the world through prayer, prayers can be downloaded from their site, alternatively WorldVision can pray on your behalf if you donate money

In Yemen millions of people are starving in refugee camps, where an assumed 100 children every day die from starvation



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