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what are your expectations for the reception

what are your expectations for the reception of this book?

the young mathematician says following our presentation of intention

at the Chennai Mathematical Institute where momentarily we are representatives of poetry

he is sweet

they are sweet

all giftet young people are sweet

what I expect?

I am speaking directly to him

on behalf of myself

how can I expect?

but I can hope

contrary to what I daily claim

a nod to my writing partner who smiles

but I do not hope but when I channel my inner 5-year old

who is still too young to see the world as different from

an amazing place

a wonderful place

a magical place

I blink my eyes in order to locate superlatives suitable to being 5

he is nodding

in apparent recognition of my struggle

and humans

humans as worlds onto themselves to explore and discover

my hope then is afterwards

readers will put down their fucking mobile phones

a nod across the room to those with whom we discussed attention span

that they put down their fucking computers and tablets

that they turn off their TV and the streaming of their

shitty TV-series and their shitty Superhero movies

to rise and do That Which Is Right

speaking directly into the eyes of the mathematician my who body quivering

but expectations

which expectations should I have

which are realistic?

to expect from words?

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