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Come let’s play PushBack look


the rules state:


the first one to empty their area is the winner

every time the marble

rolls swims jumps across the border

you must capture it

to spot it in the dark demands

in the waves between the mountains to say

HAPS remember gloves

so that the marble doesn’t stick

to your hand doesn’t discharge any color

then give it a forceful push back

but always in the same direction it came from

otherwise you’ll get it smack

back in your face again

increase your chances of winning

by instantly ripping the marble of everything

of value check it may contain

cash, phone, passport or jewelry

confiscate it immediately, it won’t stain

clean game proper game

now push, kick or throw the marble out

of the area but watch out!

because in the meantime other marbles roll

unnoticeably across your border and if they merely breeze

through your area and cross one more border

they can be returned to you


PushBack can be played for as long as any marbles are left

one single game can go on for years

PushBack can be played by an infinite number of participants

do invite your neighbor to play

PushBack spreads like a whirlpool

until all marbles have been sucked away

it’s a mighty fine activity
in that way


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