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Saved by colour

you stand up
stand out
stand free
of oppression from up above
you stand alone
yet you are strong
free spoken
free speaking
without fear
why don’t you fear?

you listen to all
respond to all
waiting in line
with no other hope
healing papa mama child
healing food
healing money
please teach

your values
you impose
waving away
what you
don’t know that you
don’t understand you are
not competent
not caring
not one of us
part of us
or anyone

we die
now in your care too
lied to



Comments (3) on "Saved by colour"

  1. har skrevet et “defitions-digt”

    skriv gerne et bedre og slet mit.

  2. Kenneth Krabat siger:

    Erstat too med also, så passer den på begge linjer

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