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Tour operators going Europe

And then we sit there and watch. 1000s aided by “tour operators” who, for large sums, obtain visas, flights to countries near the West; now people stand on the border with Poland, who has no intentions of letting them in, they are without water, food, shelter; the nearby local border crossing, where locals crossed to provide migrants with emergency aid, will be closed tomorrow early at 7. On the side of Poland. No Poles out, no one under the Refugee Convention in.

Nobody mentions conventions here, we are sitting on the edge of human dignity, honesty, completely on the edge and holding on to be able to hand over power to tomorrow, it is not today we have to decide with ourselves whether it is right or wrong for us as EU citizens to let them in, to shut them out. But winter is on its way. The pressure is on the humanity, emotions do work, that’s how journalists talk. No one mentions conventions other than the EU’s internal agreements, don’t even mention the agreement to act against a common enemy. We will continue to lose if we defend ourselves against that thing. On a human level, and strategically.

All of these people on the border are then left to the elements, no EU country is going to make the mistake of violating national sovereignty to save them, instead they talk of imposing sanctions on imports, on trade agreements, on work and tourist visas; meanwhile, these adult migrants and their children are dying in the cold and in the glow of the camera lamps. If not they themselves try to get over and are greeted by 10,000 officers, with dogs, with submachine guns, with tear gas. By law.

The locals are the only heart. The locals see the people, try to help human to human, but we are far away, we are not local; the hordes are everything we see, everything we are shown, the biting, the desperate hordes, the armed forces of EU power drawn, the human catastrophe in escalation. We have already forgotten the other migrants who die and died on the border between Lithuania and Poland, we do not belong to them, they were the outpost, those who were to wake up the media, make journalists hungry, those who were to awaken our fears, and then increase it …

If there is cooperation between despots, Erdogan will be the next to open the gates to Turkey’s camps and force 3 comma 2 million refugees and migrants out. Maybe with driving assistance to the border with Greece. People as battering rams and explosives. Many young men between 20 and 40. What do they themselves think? That the people of Europe will see them as human beings, if they annoy ordinary people directly?

How many of the arrivals are actually contracted rioters, social suicide bombers who wont mind taking 10 years in prison or a bullet for access to paradise, a bag of money for the family – as some people believe? What should we think of them if they actually lose their composure and hope and fight for their lives with anyone who stands in their way? How should we be able to sleep after real news – with the Refugee Convention as the NATO barbed wire mattress, the human rights convention as the lead-weighted duvet?

We can only suspend these people, deprive them of all rights, fail to act and thereby cause their death, without criminal liability because we act as a nation, as nations together, for we are threatened for our survival, for our prosperity, for the future of our children, our economic stability, we can not start a war, but someone has started a war against us, with human cannonballs.

The news will pass, the photos are already the same, one conflict, the other conflict, it’s just generic accumulation of people, Lithuania, Belarus, who cares, while we wait for violence and death. In the news tomorrow, they have pretty much promised that. “Which kind of escalation we will see, we do not know.”


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