[hér mangler artikelsamlingen, men man kan fint begynde med den seneste artikel – den siger sådan set det hele. Eller gå til Ellebæksiden for at se et fængsel skifte profil til “udrejsecenter” – ligesom Kærshovedgård er det i dag.]

July 7th, 2022
Helpless in a deportation centre, the last resort is hunger strike [CPHpost]

Commenting on Denmark’s immigration policies, Lotte Segal, a lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh and researcher in migration and displacement, argues that these policies are put in order to stop asylum in Denmark in the long run.

“It’s an attempt at masking the fact that Denmark sees itself as a relatively homogenous country that does not have a long history of dealing with heterogeneity and therefore frames itself as being at sea under the so-called pressure of immigration,” she explained.

“A lot of social science research testifies to the fact that the cultural ethos and values in Scandinavian countries demonstrate that ‘in order to be equal, you have to be the same’. So, equality is associated with sameness. A large influx of people who do not qualify on the surface as being similar – whether due to their skin colour, ethnicity, religion or their experiences – thereby become easy to reject by the Danish state due to a cultural idea of homogeneity as harmony.”


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