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In the right place – Samos Volunteers (doku, 2019)

In the right place follows Bogdan Andrei, the charismatic leader of a volunteer organisation in a Greek refugee camp. His NGO Samos Volunteers supports migrants with language classes, education, and a launderette.

Three years later, he is moving to Germany to live together with his girlfriend, whom he also met on the island. As Bogdan returns to the mainland, he realises that his heart is split in half between Samos and his new life.


The film was created by Sam van Zoest, who first met Bogdan when he arrived on Samos as a volunteer himself. Sam: “I of stumbled upon him as he happened to be the leader of the volunteer group. Immediately I was struck by his charisma and humbleness. Where others withered under the grave circumstances we faced on Samos, Bogdan thrived. The social aspect energized him, and this in turn fueled the entire group. As one of the volunteers remarked: he was the backbone of Alpha. When Bogdan announced that he was leaving the island, I knew I had to capture his story. How does one adjust to normal life on the mainland after being in a position of leadership under extreme circumstances?”

Bogdan Andrei
Sabine Klasen

Dutch – Tomas Zenas
Farsi – Nima Moradi
French – Douglas Grenville
German – Katinka Schlette
Italian – Simone Innico
Korean – Alex Cho
Polish – Jagna Wiśniewska
Portuguese – Inês Matos
Spanish – Agus Oliveri