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EuroRelief: Evangelical organisation providing more harm than aid to refugees

Feature: A look into the main Organisation providing “aid” to refugees in Greece’s most notorious detention centre.

Who are they? How did they get there? What is their agenda?

EuroRelief has been the main provider of housing and aid to refugees in Moria since late 2015. However, if you speak to any refugees who have had to endure their services, you would find out that they provide anything but aid.

This week EroRelief have been busy. They focused all their efforts toward cleaning the rubbish out of Moria and got rid of all the tents that people have been living in for months. This was done just in time for a visit by European journalists and politicians who came to inspect the detention centre. After all, Moria is only open to the media on very special occasions.

‘They made Moria look like a hotel… but Moria is a hotel only for a day. The Greek government and European NGOs do not want the world to know the reality in Moria. Here is proof, Claimed Arash, who has lived in Moria for more than a year and a half: