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Belgians help migrants amid corona crisis

… Belgian residents have stepped in to help. They help feed and house the migrants and keep them from sleeping on the streets, where they risk arrest by the police. Gare du Nord, once the busiest train station in Brussels, the Belgian capital, has been nearly empty of regular travelers after the lockdown, since most trains have been canceled. But twice a day, a long line of migrants waits along a platform for food and hygienic supplies.

Nabil Moujahid, a 33-year-old schoolteacher, started a grass-roots initiative called ‘I Could Be One of Them’: Citizens in Solidarity to distribute food to migrants who gather in the Parc Maximilien near the station.

“We have a rotating system with other volunteers in order to ensure that we give out meals twice a day,” he said. “These people really count on it.” Each day, the volunteers distribute about 500 aid packages, and not just to migrants, said Mr. Moujahid, who comes out to help eight times a week. …

Kilde: NY Times: I Could be one of them  [PDF]